Self development

To everyone that helped make this experience an unforgettable one, thank you. I’ve learned a lot travelling to Nepal and learned a lot about myself. Travelling alone is never easy but it has helped me become a more independent individual. I don’t think I’ve ever walked around so much in one month in my life. From the two hour round trip from Kanti Hospital, to the four hour round trip to Patan. Although this trip has come with many diifculties, from the communication between programs and adjusting to everyday life, like anything in life you learn to make the best of things and take away as much as you possible can. To all the individuals running the Lighthouse, thank you. Whether it was transportation, arranging trips, picking up momo or samosa for lunch, and both haircuts, the effort you all have put into your hospitality shows and is thoroughly appreciated. Your kindness has made this experience memorable and I look forward to seeing you all the next time I’m in Nepal. Please never forget that you always have a home in Boston, MA, USA. That goes for anyone reading this. Thank you again and until next time.

Jacob Alonso, Boston Massachusetts, USA


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