A family I can rely on

Everyone I’ve met and worked with in the past twelve weeks has made my time in Nepal so special. If I wrote about everyone I had to be thankful to it would take up the entire page so instead I will stick to the most important. Bicky, thank you for welcoming me with open arms and letting me be part of your family. Your passion for your work and your community is a true inspiration and you are an exceptional person. Prakash, your cooking, driving and attitude towards life made the Lighthouse shine even brighter. To Bishal, thank you for the impromptu lessons in Nepali and Nepalese culture. To Buwa and Amaa, thank you not only for giving me a real village experience but for giving me a family that I can rely on and always feeding me too much food. I will “very remember” always. My time at the Chitwan library was very harrowing but thanks to all the support from my new family and other volunteers, I like to think I did some good.



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