A beautiful country full of beautiful people

I feel like I’ve found another family in Nepal through VCD. I had no idea what I would be doing or who I would be meeting when I came to Nepal but after the first few hours I already felt at home. I love the Lighthouse and I love your Tonkhet home just as much. Buwa, Amaa and Pratiksha will always be very near and dear to my heart. I really forgot they were not my real family while living with them. I forgot I was not in India with my cousins but in Nepal with a wonderful host family. Torikhet is such a beautiful village. I will miss ‘Kaka’ from next door, Rajendra Kaka and his subtle ways to get us to do a million hours extra at school, Didi and her two babies living in the house in front and all the children at the library, especially Surdj the cowboy! Eating fresh, organic food from Amaa’s kitchen was amazing. She spoilt me so much. I struggled to eat other food in Nepal. I will also miss Cocoa, Leo, Tira, Moti and Sona (I named the new cow by the way)! I can’t express in words how amazing my time at Torikhet was. I really felt like I was making a difference at the local government school and at the library. I just wish I had more time!

I also enjoyed trekking through Pokhara and paragliding! Pokhara is such a beautiful place and I will never forget the views. I also semi-enjoyed almost dying in the waterfall… never again! It was terrifying but funny too when I look back at it.

You have all really taken care of me like I was Pratiksha. Thank you again! From rushing to the hospital when I got back from EBC, buying me juice, cooking me food, driving me everywhere and taking care of Sonia just as much. Thank you for letting us stay here for longer and messing up a bedroom with all our junk. Nepal is a beautiful country full of beautiful people and I wish there were more people like Bicky who want to make it a better place for everyone to live in. Flying in a helicopter through the Himalayas and over the green mountains felt like I was flying through a different planet. People here are so hardworking and I will always remind myself of the strength and determination one can produce when they really need it.

This has been the best trip I’ve ever had! All the volunteers I’ve met have been amazing and made my time here even more fun. Thank you for giving me a new global family.

I will be coming back to Nepal one day and when I do you shall be the first to know! If you ever come to Sydney you better come and see me. Bicky, get married already – Sheila Bawju is beautiful inside and out. G-dawg, Gaurav, you’re the coolest kid ever. Thank you for all those Thamel trips and making Kathmandu hilarious. You were the funniest. Prakash Nanaji! You’re also the coolest nangi ever, thank you for teaching me the scooter. Ok, ok. Basically, I love you guys.

Smit, Australia


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