An experiance words could not describe

Vcd nepal image image image image imageWhere do I begin….

VCD I really couldnt of of asked for anymore I cant beleive that time has come to write by own experiances, Im not sad as this is only the beginning.

I came to volunteer with VCD two and half weeks ago and my had it flown by yet I feel like I have done so much! I came through to VCD after looking for a local company to help volunteer at the monestry as it was always something I felt passionate about but I have go so so much more out it!!

I wanted a company that I knew the money would actually go towards to cause not just a small percentage, the VCD family are crazy passionate about their projects and its so infectious, I will be coming back to help out at the orphanage as sadly we only got to spend one day there but to see such happy children with such bright spirits really was so heart warming they are so grateful for you being around them and have so much love to share.

Our journey started at the lighthouse or should I now say home I feel so comfortable here  and the place has left such an impact. After being shown around Kathmandu and seeing all of its history and culture we headed down to Chitwan not before having an awesome day white water rafting accompanied by water fights, a picnic on the sand and pushing everyone in ( when safe 😉  )

On arrival at our hotel in Chitwan we were yet again greeted so warmly and made to feel comfortable and content, we saw elephants, rhinos, crocs and many more I think you haven’t really experienced adrenaline until your canoeing in a river alongside wild crocs!!!

Then it was off to Pema t’sal monestry….

Well I dont offend cry on departure but these kids really touched my heart what a lucky person I am there are so bright and if you put the time in to get to know them they will teach you so much in return at 7 every morning the kindergarten children would come and wake up us up always wanting ballons and to draw and colour. I really will miss them and all the knowledge they want to share! we were lucky enough to be there to see the magnificent hand made Mandala and even luckier to be allowed into the temple to watch the ceremony on the full moon where the mandala is washed away and poured in the crystal river, a highlight was the children trying to teach me Tibetan, wow that’s hard!! I have made so many friends its strange to think I haven’t known them for long as it feels like forever!


I could write so much more about my experiances but you have to come for yourself and make your own there is so much going there and everythng is so rewarding!! The main reason I wanted to give my experiances is because I came to VCD directly and i was a bit scared to begin with as you never know who is on the other end of the email and now I know how safe an amazing this is I want everybody to know that if you are coming to volenteer and help out with these guys your leaving with an international family.

If your reading this and are already scheduled to come then let me tell you, you are in for the most amazing adventure.

If your reading this in two minds whether to come, take the risk relax this is your family now make your own experiances and pass on how wonderful this place is!

Thank you to everybody who has made this experience what it is I will see everybody again very very soon!






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