Don’t worry about a thing, we are family now.


VCD Nepal Volunteer Stories

Upon my arrival in Kathmandu, I was told, ‘don’t worry about a thing, we are family now’…

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At the time I didn’t realise how true this would turn out to be, but after spending two and a half months with VCD, as I stand in the airport security line with tears soaking my cheeks, it feels more like I’m leaving my home and my family than simply returning from a holiday abroad.

The streets of Kathmandu are dusty and hectic. Motorbikes, trucks, cars and rickshaws bustle through ancient streets and alleys, along highways and across dirt roads, dodging people, dogs and the occasional cow gazing sleepily from the centre of the road. There is always something to do, always something amazing to see and always a story to be found.

nepal 020 copy

I joined VCD as a journalism and photography intern, working closely with Santosh and Bikram, editor and publisher of Tourism Times Newspaper- the…

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