VCD Nepal

Bicky and to all at VCD-

AMAZING!! The last two weeks have been absolutely awesome… Bicky your skills at making someone feel welcome and relaxed is overwhelming- from being met at the airport in this dusty chaotic city to the last night here you and the VCD family have made my time here the best! The generosity of this family is never-ending, best example is when a a surprise birthday party for my 25th was thrown. Cake, delicious Nepali food (which must only be eaten with your hands-lessons provided!) and Prakash on the guitar- beautiful moment!

Heading up to Pokhara and the Pema Ts’al Monastery was incredible. Teaching English to the young monks was so rewarding if not at times a little challenging but their artist talent and eagerness to learn was truly inspiring. Spending a day up at one of VCD’s orphanages, again was rewarding and heartwarming, the children are just so beautiful. 

My only complaint is that I was only in the arms of VCD Nepal for 2 weeks- I am already planning to come back for a longer period of time to soak up the Nepali culture, Maria’s yummy breakfast’s and love of the VCD family.  

Thank you all! Namaste  




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