Two Weeks Just Wasn’t Enough!

Dear Bicky and everyone at VCD Nepal

I just wanted to say that I’ve had an amazing time here in Nepal and it’s all thanks to you guys and your awesome organization. Two weeks was certainly not enough time, but like we’ve said multiple times, we will be back soon! Hopefully we will be able to stay in touch and help you guys with networking back home.

If you are ever in Tanzania let us know and we’ll repay your hospitality here! Hope you liked the chess set 🙂

Lots of love, Waseem Maghjee

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To the entre VCD Family,

We have had such a wonderful time here in Nepal and we are so keen to come back. We wanted to thank you for organizing everything for us, for being gracious and caring hosts and for all the fun and the laughs.

VCD Nepal is such an amazing organization to work with and the VCD Family made us feel right at home super quickly. Please do let us know of any way that we can help the organization before we return!

With thanks and love, Mumtaz Meghjee


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